Records are here!

Finally, our records are here!

Unfortunately, there’s been a missprint on the back cover, where songs “Onna” and “No beroders” turned places.

This will be celebrated coming weekend with gigs in Malmø and Copenhagen, see gigs page for all link to events.
Junta and Svavel will be joining the stages both days, and Illegal to exist on the Friday!

Imminent Destruction (UK)
Byllepest Distro (No)
Dogs And Vultures (Ir)

Release gigs CPH & Malmö!

Häxxnäven ska vevas, kitteln ska fyllas och kvasten ska trimmas.

Det är äntligen dags att fira releasen av Korps och Gaze’s split-12″!
No borders nor nations kan stoppa denna pepp och firandet pågår i länderna tre.
Först ut är Köpenhamn, sedan följer Malmö!


Spelar gör:
Junta, köpenhamns nyförlösta råpunksskvadron.
Övriga band annonseras inom en snar framtid.

Smyglyssna på två hits här:

Fre 10 Juli, 20.00
@Bumzen, Baldersgade 20-22, Copenhagen
Inträde: 40 DKK

Lördag 11 Juli, 20.00
@Area 51, Södra Bulltoftavägen 51, Malmö
Inträde: 40 SEK (ta med cash till bar och skiva!)


Finally the time has come to celebrate the release of Korp’s and Gaze’s split 12″!

No borders nor nations can limit the celebrations, which will take part in Malmö, Copenhagen, Dublin, Galway and Tipperary.
First out is Copenhagen and 2nd night is Malmö!

Except Korp, Junta, Copenhagens raw punk, will be playing!
Further bands TBA.

when: Friday 10th of July, 20.00
where : Bumzen, Baldersgade 20-22, Copenhagen
costs: 40 DKK

when: Saturday 11th of July, 20.00
where : Area 51, Södra Bulltoftavägen 51, Malmö
costs: 40 SEK

Imminent Destruction (UK)
Byllepest Distro (No)
Dogs And Vultures (Ir)

Release parties and tour

We are planning our release parties, for our split 12″ that will land in late June.
No borders or nations can limit the celebrations, which will take part in Malmö, Copenhagen, Dublin, Galway and Tipperary.


As soon as all is set, we’ll invite you!

(Some weeks ago we were forced to cancel our gig @punx 44 festival this weekend, and it sucks really bad.)

BORDERLINE – Destroy the Borders Compilation

We participant in a kick as compilation: BORDERLINE – Destroy the Borders Compilation soon to be released by Byllepest Distro

“With this compilation we want to support the bands from far places to cross borders and come and share their noise with us. We reject states and consider them perverse divisions created by opportunist who don’t give a shit about the opinion of the people that, through an arbitrary decision, are citizens or are denied of the citizenship of a state.”


Participanting bands:
Visions Of War (bel) Anti-Diktatur (col)Jemkem warriors (nor) TERRORSTAT (nor) Counter Attack (bel) Protestera (swe) Sinnäciön (col-fr) Piel y Huesos (ven) B.E.T.O.E (ven) La Caída de La Civilización – LCDLC (mex) Kami ada (ger) Dårligt Selskab (dän) Bastinados (cro) PARTiYA (bel) KORP (swe) Krujido (col) Des-Acato (col) Kontrasosial (ind) Final Slum War – D-Beat Favela (esp) Parasiitti (fin) Disratas D-beat Raw Punk (col) Irrsinn (swi) Azotobacter (can)

Read more on the bandcamp page here!

thx for 2014!

2014 have been a wild year in Korp terms. A lot of thngs have happened and alot of things have changed. Thanks to everyone that helped us out with gigs, laughes, helmets, tours, driving, recording and HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME! We look forward to see you all again 2015!

We’ll kick start 2015 with a gig in Stockholm 14 February, and looking forward to the release of our 12″ split with lovely Gaze.


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NBHC Fest Poster

NBHC Fest Poster

Gig poster Turku

Gig poster Turku

Tour Crew

Tour Crew

Pulkaåkning @Luelå

Pulkaåkning @Luelå