BORDERLINE – Destroy the Borders Compilation

We participant in a kick as compilation: BORDERLINE – Destroy the Borders Compilation soon to be released by Byllepest Distro

“With this compilation we want to support the bands from far places to cross borders and come and share their noise with us. We reject states and consider them perverse divisions created by opportunist who don’t give a shit about the opinion of the people that, through an arbitrary decision, are citizens or are denied of the citizenship of a state.”


Participanting bands:
Visions Of War (bel) Anti-Diktatur (col)Jemkem warriors (nor) TERRORSTAT (nor) Counter Attack (bel) Protestera (swe) Sinnäciön (col-fr) Piel y Huesos (ven) B.E.T.O.E (ven) La Caída de La Civilización – LCDLC (mex) Kami ada (ger) Dårligt Selskab (dän) Bastinados (cro) PARTiYA (bel) KORP (swe) Krujido (col) Des-Acato (col) Kontrasosial (ind) Final Slum War – D-Beat Favela (esp) Parasiitti (fin) Disratas D-beat Raw Punk (col) Irrsinn (swi) Azotobacter (can)

Read more on the bandcamp page here!