Post-summer weekend tour

So, it is summer. This means we have been away in different parts of the world and not really have spent so much time doing Korp business. We did play at Punk Illegal it was so fucking awesome! Thanks to everyone that showed up and made our day.
We also had a gig with Contorture in Malmö in July:2014-07-03 22.04.03

We kick the soon to be autumn in the ass by having three gigs together with Gaze, the awesome band we soon are gonna be on a split 12″ with! See gig page.

Amazing tour and awesome recording

Now we’re back from our Easter tour, where we really had a blast.
Thanks so much for everyone involved in the shows and venues!
We really enjoyed every moment of it.

Last weekend we recorded 8 songs for some coming projects – thanks to Deamon Head for an pisse-hyggelig-fedt weekend!

Easter Tour coming up!

Soon we will go south for an easter tour. It’s gonne be awseome.
Check the tourplan at the gig page.

For some week ago, we played at a support gig for the anti-fa movement. It was awesome to see that so many came and supported the important work of anti-fa!



Anti-fa is always self defence!

It’s with a great deal of sorrow and furious hatred, we are following the latest neo-nazis attack in Malmö, our town. You can read about the attack, that happened after a feminist demonstration on international women day, and where one guy still is in a coma, here.

To show your support and your intolerance against nazi scums, visit #kämpashowans face book page.

On the 8 of mars we was gigging at 128(A) in Göteborg, the most awesomest evening we ever had, the first gig we been on where male persons where in minority. Thanks a million times for all involved!

Tour Pics!

Thx Denmark, Norrland and Finland!

We’re back from the greatest tour ever. We have seen moomin trolls, a couple of thousands trees, three rain deers, 1000 beers and played foosball against a world champion. That and played at some of the best venues in Europe!

To celebrate that we are so great af spending our gained money, we will have a support gig on Sunday in Copenhagen. Pls come and make our night!



In a weeks time we’re heading south to be heading up north.
Korp and Deamonhead are going for Denmark, Sweden and Finland!


20140128 – @ Elværket, Helsingör w/Deamonhead, Indaedt
20140129 – @Torpet, Stockholm w/Deamonhead, Räd
20140130 – @Verket, Umeå w/ Deamonhead, Krigskontrast, Fukushima
20140131-20140201 – @Norrbottens HC-festival, Luleå w/Misantropic, Utbrott, Dick Tracey, Eaten raw, Krigskontrast and more.
20140202 @VASTAVIRTA-KLUBI, Pispalanvaltatie 39,Tampere w/Deamonhead, TBA
20140203  TBA @Helsingfors
20140204 @ Kirjakahvila, Vanha Suurtori 3, Brinkkalan sisäpiha, Turku w/Deamonhead, Species Traitor